Part of the tradition for my family is finishing the Thanksgiving dinner together (I get the dishwasher going for the first batch) and then we start the list making for everyone’s wishes for their Christmas gift/s. With all the ads that come in the Thanksgiving newspaper, it is a fun task getting the lists done. My oldest grandson was gone this weekend to his girlfriend’s family, so the black Friday shopping took place with my 2nd oldest grandson and me. We started Thursday night and completed about 25% of our lists. Yesterday morning we were up at 4:30 am and off to hit the road. By noontime we had finished and the back of my car was loaded. There were some fun moments in all of this. But, the most fun was watching my grandson pick out a necklace for his girlfriend. He had asked if I’d help him do this so we finished our shopping with this last purchase. To see the joy in his eyes finding just the right one was priceless! All other gifts were brought to my home, but this one went with him. His girlfriend had moved away this past summer but they stay in touch and she will be back for Christmas. I’d love to be a mouse in the corner when he gives this to her!

As I write today’s entry I do so with real warmth of heart. Knowing grandpa is getting the exact gift each grandchild wants is in itself–fun/joy. However, the anticipation of seeing each one open the gift in less than a month is even greater.

In the Bible book of Ezekiel, God is telling Ezekiel to tell the leaders who were coming to speak with him that they must turn their hearts back to Him–their One and only True God. They were now in captivity once again due to their continuously turning away from Him. I know the greatest Gift to mankind is Jesus Christ. My grandkids know this too from hearing it time and again. Yet, I pray all of our gift giving will never divert anyone from the thankfulness for this greatest gift of all–God giving His Son Jesus for each one of us. For this, I am most grateful!

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