“Oh, the weather outside is frightful” as the songs says. It’s blowing and snowing outside. My oldest grandson is stuck in S. Dakota with the roads closed and the power is out. He says they are fine at his girlfriend’s grandparent’s place. Yes, winter has arrived.

“Stand in the gap.” This phrase is not a new one by any means. However, this morning it has new and deeper meaning for me. Ezekiel 22:30 says: “And I sought a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap….but I found none.” Ezekiel was to take this message to the people informing them of God’s position with them. Joyce Meyer writes a message connecting to this verse. She writes about those who interceded in prayer for her and the thousands who intercede today for her and her ministry. She then writes something which truly stood out to me–“If you need a breakthrough over some bad habit that is hindering you and holding you back, pray for someone who has a need in a similar area.”

There are those of us who say we are battling to overcome hurts, hang-ups and habits. Then, there are those who are doing this in private, not telling anyone. All of us struggle as we are all human. What hit me this morning in my devotional time is my need to quit fighting my battle and accept the victory Jesus has already won for me. Jesus wants me to fight in prayer for those I know are struggling. I have a prayer list of these folks I do pray for daily. However, the awakening of the morning was for me to quit thinking I am to keep fighting for my own victory. I accept the victory already won. I know the Victor–Jesus Christ. I worship Him, I have Him in my heart and I have His Holy Spirit within. Why would I think I need more than this? Oh, the futility of man’s thinking! God wants me to stand in the gap for those not yet aware of this victory I have and He has waiting for them. I am going to do this with better understanding as of today. Praise God!

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