Yes, the journey does continue and I feel like a new person on the journey. It took getting back into the routine of life yesterday and another night’s sleep to reconnect the body, mind, emotions, spirit. There is one thing about writing this blog daily, it keeps me honest and connected to myself. This past weekend is not a new experience for me. I get involved to that degree somewhat often, yet I tend to ignore the feelings which occur when the body is tired and the emotions are wrung out. Admitting this is true for me doesn’t make me any different than any other man. I have never wanted to admit such emotional levels in myself. I always feared it would make me like my earthly dad who I now see I had judged harshly for his emotional displays. In his emotions he would either be overly nice or overly mean and the mean showed up far more often than the nice. It was the overly mean which left its permanent memory in my body. I never wanted to be like him in any way so I couldn’t let myself be emotional (I thought). Well, now I see I definitely have an emotional part. I also see that being so doesn’t make me “like someone”. It only makes me human like each of us are. It sure has taken a long time for me to get to this place. I’m actually glad to be here!

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