Yesterday was a delightful day in many regards. The work with the school was a joy. Last night’s Celebrate Recovery was also a real treat. The testimony was touching in many ways. Hearing the men in our share group talk of the way God spoke to them during the testimony’s delivery always reminds me how much The Holy Spirit is working. In the testimony the speaker spoke of supernatural moments in their life. I wrote that down because instantly I was reminded of those times for which God had done this for me.

Often there are things which happen in a day for which I thank God. Tackling tough conversations which end with a healthy plan outlined. In my consulting work I have these moments. In ministry there are times when we get to see someone’s spiritual light click on as they take a step of faith and are able to find freedom from bondage. These I call supernatural moments. Then, there are the supernatural ones where I know there is a Heavenly Being present. God has sent an angel or Jesus Himself came. Supernatural moments always awaken me to the supremacy of God. If man were attempting to do whatever is being addressed, the outcome would sound much more like what I hear when I listen to our country’s impeachment controversy. What is natural for God is always supernatural for man. Man cannot do what God does for He awakens our mind to our spirit which The Holy Spirit talks to when we are listening. Man doesn’t want to respect the spirit of man for this is what is directly connected to God’s Holy Spirit. I’m learning as a new creation to hear The Holy Spirit and respond only as I do.

I want to get better and better at this. How I love our Father!

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