To be an excellent servant of God–this is Daniel, the biblical man who wrote the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. It didn’t matter which king was in power, it didn’t matter what problem was given to him, it didn’t matter what the rule of the land was. If the issue he was facing was contrary to his serving God, he found a way to keep God on the throne of his life. In so doing he was honored above all other men by the kings of Babylon/Persia. The scripture says he had an excellent spirit for serving his God–our God.

I am really challenged today to serve God with excellence. I know how often I want things in my life to be the way I want them rather than even asking God how He would want them. There is a saying about asking forgiveness rather than asking permission. Well, this is what I sometimes do with God. I do something and then realize it wasn’t honoring of God. It is then that I have to ask His forgiveness. I was just honoring my wishes. I don’t know how many years God will give me yet to live, but in all of them I want to serve Him with excellence bringing all that I do to Him ahead of the doing. I want this latter part of my life to be years of permission where I honor God in all I do.

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