Somehow today, this morning, as I have been involved in my devotions I sense God showing me a glimpse of “spiritually concrete”. I know this doesn’t make sense writing it this way but I’ll try to add some clarity. When I got up this morning and started my devotions I wrote in my journal that I was feeling rummy. I’m not sure why, but nonetheless, I did. Yesterday had a number of things happen in it which were unexpected. The church service of my grandkids was excellent. A gentleman spoke of his life-changing experience with God and now how God is using him and his wife for His Glory. The gentleman coming for lunch didn’t show and later in the afternoon I heard from him. He’d forgotten and was with one of his sons. Last night’s performance with our quartet was touching in a number of ways, some of which were totally unexpected.

God, this morning, seemed to be telling me that what I expect to have happen from being obedient to Him will not look like fleshly evidence or “fleshly concrete”. God wants our obedience and then I need to leave the results of obedience of Him. My expectations from the results of obedience are only about me–not Him. God is spiritual and the results of His Work is always spiritual. I expect earthly evidence which may or may not be seen. I’m only now beginning to realize that spiritual evidence isn’t always noticed in the flesh. I simply need to trust that my obedience completes what God is wanting. My being rummy–well, that’s just because I’m still made up of flesh!

This earthly journey we each have is going to someday end and it will result in the eternity of spirituality. I think God is wanting me to be more aware of the spiritual side of me right now. It is real and I do want to awaken more and more to its relevance in each day.

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