Yesterday my wife was leaving to spend a few days with her sis before the full impact of Christmas hit here at home. A week from tomorrow our kids from Oklahoma arrive and our home will be quite lively for a week with all of the kids and grandkids coming and going. It is a joyous time!

Knowing I would be alone for the weekend I asked God if there were something He wanted me to do with the time? I seemed to sense a nudge to ask a gentleman who has begun to attend CR a couple months ago to come for dinner. He couldn’t last night so he is coming today after church for lunch. This gave me last night to be with a couple of my grandkids so we could go to dinner and to a movie. This morning i get to watch my grandkids in their Christmas program at their church. Then tonight our quartet sings for an assisted living place for one of their Christmas programs. I write this not to show the “busyness” but to show how God puts things together so they just flow easily into the design He wanted. This gentleman coming today had written to me for several months about coming to our Celebrate Recovery once he was no longer incarcerated. I’ve had no less than 10 men do this over the years, but this guy is the only one who has followed through once he was out. I admire this and I’m sure God does too.

Our God is such a loving, caring God. He is the only One True God. So many things we can give our time to, even ones which seem important. However, it is God who truly knows the important ones and these are the ones I want to invest the time He gives me.

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