Even though I’ve been a christian most of my life, the patterns of behavior I have don’t always reflect a christian walk of obedience. I’ve wanted to be in charge of what I do and don’t do. I’ve wanted to do what God wanted me to do when “I” wanted to do it. Living in honest, genuine, complete obedience to God is a stretch in living He is challenging me to see. What is becoming clearer is that it is not a decision one makes today and it is then good for the remainder of my time. It is a decision I make daily and with each nudge God gives me. I’m so use to pushing away a nudge I don’t like or one I question. God is awakening me to these and helping me see my selfishness in so doing.

As I journaled this morning I was being reminded by God that He is abundant love, mercy and grace. If I want to know this abundance I need to live in obedience to Him. As I Trust and Obey (as in yesterday’s blog), I step into a spiritual reality of living I haven’t yet known in the fullness God wants for me, for each of us.

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