As I was heading to the shower this morning I suddenly remembered I hadn’t written today’s blog! I’m headed to a new school I’ve not been a part of until today. I’ve worked with the district and all of their other sites, but not this one. The principal, superintendent and I met last Tuesday to talk about this. I know what I’ll be doing today for the most part and that is all I had on my mind.

Last night our quartet sang for a group of folks we know quite well. It was our last engagement for the Christmas season. It was a fun and worshipful time. I’m glad our Christmas singing ended this way. God is so thoughtful in so many, many ways.

I have a young man who is struggling and Satan is doing all he can to keep his struggle alive and well. This morning in my devotional time I’m reading Hosea. This book is full of Satan’s attempts to keep bondage alive so people don’t know what freedom in Christ is. I know this freedom in Christ today better than I’ve ever known it. I’m claiming Jesus for this young man too. I’m praying that all of Satan’s attempts to hinder him will be blocked by the blood of Jesus. Please join me today in this prayer for him. Our God is an AWESOME GOD!

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