After my confession yesterday about the absence of any praise, I called my daughter who is flying in tomorrow with her family for the Christmas holidays. We laughed over the confession. It was actually funny once it was out in the open. God sure knows what He is doing when He tells us to confess something. Our pride always stands in the way, but when we finally step through it, the outcome is remarkable.

The young man I mentioned a couple blogs ago accomplished his miracle. The attempts of Satan were overcome. I wish I could give you some details of this but I’d be breaking confidence and you nor I would want that. I simply praise God!

Yesterday’s goal for me was to get all the presents and stocking-stuffers wrapped for the boys. It is an even split of boys and girls with 6 grandsons and 6 granddaughters. Today will be the girls and I’m starting that upon finishing this morning’s blog. I do the shopping for the boys so all of that is known to me. Today I have to rely on Kathy organizing into marked spots for all the girls. It is done enough so I can get started.

Today my heart rejoices over the remarkable love we are given in and through Christ Jesus. How I love Him!

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