It is Christmas Eve. I went to bed early last night, 9:30 pm. Everyone was playing games but I hadn’t had a nap and I was spent. Of course, doing that I awoke at 5:30 this morning ready for the day. Every room in the house has people sleeping in it except the kitchen. Luckily I took my devotional material to the kitchen last night along with my laptop or else I’d be stuck right now. I do love the quiet and this time with God my Father. What an amazing opportunity we have to “sup with Him” and to think He created us for this very reason!

A very ugly situation had been shared with me many months ago regarding a gentleman who is part of our restoration ministry work. His marriage has been very much at risk and he has been working to restore it. What had been shared with me was deceptive and it was told to me in confidence. When I heard it I said I wouldn’t keep it confidential if the timing came about and I felt he needed to know. Well, that happened. Yesterday I called the person who had told me in confidence to let him know this had happened. He didn’t blame me as he also knew all of this was wrong, but…. These ugly situations happen when man is covering for man and truth is not brought out in the open. I don’t know how this will manifest itself. I just know a person who is trying so hard to reconcile when the other half never intends to do is but is hold him hostage with the deception, is wrong. How God will use this truth–I do not know. However, I leave it with Him.

Today is Christmas Eve and all is quiet and well. The youngest grandchild is stirring however so I think the quiet is going to quickly come to an end! It’s a happy end however!

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