Christmas morning didn’t get an entry in my blog. My journey got quickly interrupted as soon as I was out of bed. My oldest daughter had text me saying she was on the floor in the bathroom and had been throwing up. Her little daughter had been with her and also doing the same. There were messes to clean and bedding to launder. What was amazing to me was that no one knew of this chaos. Everyone including myself slept through this until I had awakened. The day for those two took a big shift. They went home and spent the day in bed. So, after a morning of disinfecting several parts of the house, we began the celebration with everyone else.

It is amazing what the conversations of a day entail. Just the ones I was part of involved the chaos of life and particularly some, and then it went all the way to the peace of God. How do we know that the voice of God is what we are hearing and responding to? It made me recall from Watchman Nee’s book, The Spiritual Man, that God’s Spirit speaks to us through our intuition. It never screams or yells, but if we are quiet in spirit we will hear and know. I believe that is one reason it is good to start our day with God, reading His Word and praying, journaling, whatever one’s habits of devotion are. It is in the early part of the day that we are best able to hear God’s Spirit speak.

We often can’t do much if anything about the chaos of life, however, we can do much about our response to it. This is what requires me to keep my spirit in touch with God’s Spirit and surrendered to His Leading.

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