Yesterday began similarly to Christmas morning but with a different daughter being sick. I’m hoping this pattern is now done repeating itself and all will be well from this point forward. It leaves one wondering when your turn will be???

When so many people are together for several days it seems all one hears is the noise of chaos. Yes, most of it is laughter or multi-conversations in several corners, but it is difficult to hear anything else. I don’t even notice all of these different conversations when they are happening. One may join them or try and find a different location. What I do find however, in the quiet of a morning, is just how much I miss hearing any guiding light. Are there moments missed because of this? I don’t know, but I do know that relationships build when conversation exists for it is one of the main ingredients of a healthy one. In a few days all of this comes to a screeching halt as ones go their separate way. So, I’ll take advantage of these moments while they’re here and not do any more than enjoy them and participate as much as grandpa can–until his bedtime!

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