A quick trip to the airport at 3:45 am and the kids are in route for their home–Oklahoma City, here they come. The house is awfully quiet at the moment–of course it is still only 5:50 am. I imagine I’ll be wanting a nap about 10:00 am!

As 2019 is coming to an end it is a good time to reflect upon the journey. This past week has allowed our 12 grandkids to spend ample time with one another. It has been a time for our kids to also spend some good time together. I have had time with them and I find myself more aware of how to pray for each of them as well as for my grandkids. So many old memories are triggered as the older grandkids are in their teen years and all of the humanness that begins to unfold during these years. It is a time for prayer but also a time to seek God’s fullness. These years are the ones which impact so much the rest of our lives. I pray for God to give each of them focus and resolve during these years. May all of the awakenings of these teen years be lessons with Light rather than secrets in darkness.

God is such a Good God. This morning I’ve read Jonah. This man is such a good example of us today. God may give us direction, but we balk and balk some more if it doesn’t fit our fancy. Yet, God is patiently relentless wanting His Will to finally be done no matter how much we may fight it. If we know this about ourselves it would be a good lesson to submit to God’s leading before the whale swallows!

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