Today not only ends a year, it ends a decade and a score of years. 20 years ago today there was all this worry about the country and world’s computers being able to switch to the new millennium. We were going to a NY’s Eve party that night and we filled our bathtub with water before leaving in case we didn’t have water. I still chuckle about this since we are in the country and on a well which had nothing to do with a computer’s operation. The things man gets hyped about are sometimes quite stretched.

During this decade God has made Himself known to me in so many remarkable ways. In it I’ve learned to quit fighting and to surrender instead. I’ve learned that becoming a new creation is a gift rather than something earned. I’ve learned that the joy of serving God is largely in giving back to Him as a gift to His Kingdom. The joy of seeing others find freedom as God has given you is a reward unto itself.

This next decade will have changes in it. I’m sure that I’ll be stepping away from most consulting work. I may do some as a volunteer, but I’ll wait and see what God has in store for it. I look forward to serving God wholeheartedly for His Kingdom purposes. I also look forward to seeing my grandkids develop into young contributing adults who love God.

As I ponder all of this I do so with expectation rather than fear. This is also new for me. I’m finding a new creation does have moments of fear but they don’t own him as mine have done in my even recent past. God is so good. I want to serve Him well to the end of my days!

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