At 4:00 am this morning I awoke feeling like grandpa the “mother hen”. My grandkids were filling my mind. This weekend they are all over the place. Some of them have still been sick, some are skiing, some are out of state, a couple of them are with Kathy and me. I needed to give them all over to Jesus’ control and love. At the end of this I hit upon the real reason I awoke–or so I think. There is an ugly situation I’ve known about with one of our folks in our restoration work. I was contacted yesterday afternoon by one wanting some specific information I would not give and will not do so for fundamental reasons. I’ve known this would likely happen and was grateful it took place yesterday rather than when all our family was together a week ago. I can’t and won’t go into any of the details. I only bring it up because it is part of my current journey.

As I had my devotions this morning I was reminded that when we are on our journey with Christ, we will need to KNOW there will be strife, bitterness, ugliness, warfare and so much more to face. We are in Satan’s homeland. We are present to be Light carriers–Christ’s Light. Matthew 5;16 says, “Let our light so shine….” This is what Christ is wanting and this is what I want to be obedient to each and every day and each and every moment within the day. To God be all Glory for great things He hath done!

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