Recently I read where it’s a good idea to predate the next twenty checks in your checkbook with 2020 so you don’t mistakenly write 2019 on them. It gives us time to create the new habit. Well, I need to do that with this blog. Today is the second time I’ve had to backspace so I’d write 2020. I suppose we are all in this transition time.

I loved being back to Celebrate Recovery last night. We missed last week knowing that with all our company we wouldn’t even attempt to attend. I know that is the right thing to do but I always miss the open honesty of CR. I love the environment where people come clean with their lives not attempting to make what they say fit the social environment they’re presently in. I’ve heard so often that the environment of CR is what the environment of the first church was like. Unfortunately, there is a stark contrast between the environment of today’s church and that of CR. As much as we talk about this reality, it is a difficult item to overcome.

I’ve had some recent Bible reading that keeps talking to me. I have to admit that reading the minor prophets hasn’t always been a time of scriptural revelation as it seems to be of late. God is talking to Judah about their need for Him–to return to Him. He is also talking twice to Nineveh in Jonah and today in Nahum. He wants them to hear Him and respond obediently to His leading. This message is hitting me squarely between the eyes. God’s leading in our lives can’t be optional if we are to thrive in His Kingdom Work. I truly want to grow in this obedience as this new year starts and continues. One day at a time is the only possible way we humans can do this. I have to daily surrender my will for His Will.

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