My fingers are still wanting to hit the 1 key for the 2nd 2 in 2020. The habit isn’t completely broken.

I cannot begin to explain in this blog just how much God is emphasizing my need to focus on Him fully in my life. His doing this through these little closing books of the Old Testament is striking to me. Today I began the book of Zechariah. Each of these prophets is given a message or several messages to deliver. Each of them demonstrate their struggle/s in so doing. However, each of them delivers the message regardless of the struggle. Each one surrenders and then obeys. There are a couple of them like Jonah who took some convincing in order to obey, but he finally did.

When I actually live out surrendering and obeying today, I tend to only think about the obstacles I face thinking the relevance of my problems are very different than those of old and those old ones were easier to face “back then”. What I overlook is the reminder that I am to not look at the problem, but to the God who makes the mountain (problem) a molehill. The problems of old are often very different than the ones of the present. What is the same is the God who gives the Grace to face them and let Him overcome them (making them into a molehill).

God had told these prophets to get the Israelites motivated and focused on rebuilding the temple. They were scared to death because of all the threats they’d been given by the surrounding tribes of people. They saw the mountains of problems and God was telling them to see Him. He is the One who makes mountains into molehills. This same God tells this same message to you and me today.

The old hymn Trust and Obey rings true today: “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

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