This week has been a fire hose being re-immersed into the work with the schools/districts and into the restoration work. I journaled this morning telling God and literally listing out all of the items involved in this. Instantly I was nudged to recall what He has been teaching me. Yes, see the problems/issues, but don’t stop with them. Look beyond them to see Me–the Healer of all wounds, the solution to all problems. I am to let the weight of these problems fall onto His shoulders. In each of the cases I do my part, but I am learning that my part is not to carry the problems’ weight, but this is what I surrender and let the parties involved know the Great Healer is waiting with them to work with them. Boy, has this been a huge awakening for me. I can literally feel the weight coming back into this week. Yet, I also feel the absence of the weight as I intentionally give the responsibility of resolving the issues to God.

I wish I could go into the details of yesterday to describe just how God acted on the issues of the day. However, knowing I am not to divulge any of them, I write only that I stand humbled and amazed how the clarity of action was defined and the clarity of the problem was seen once our eyes lifted from the problem to the problem solver–Jesus Christ.

I have said before that on the top of my prayer list I have “New Creation” written to remind me each morning of my position with God. He has made me a new creation. I’ve now for the first time written “Surrender & Obey” on the top of this list. I no longer question this position, this gift Christ Jesus has given me. What I’m truly needing to learn is what surrendering each day looks like and then what obedience looks like for each day. This journey is amazing!

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