I said a couple times in this blog that last week was a firehose week. The two weeks away from all the different needs of the schools and districts and also not having our regular restoration classes had given me ample time to unwind. I simply had relaxed and let go of any responsibilities for them. Getting back into the life of this during the week brought me to a point of focus and a new reality for surrender and obedience. God had been working on me to learn the depth of surrendering me along with what obedience to Him really looks like in this work. I found myself listening to the ones at work while I’d silently ask God for His help. Help would look like me not talking or responding until I was asked or I felt like God actually had a message for me to give. Along with this there were the surprises in the week where God was working and I simply felt the joy of seeing it and in some cases, being part of it.

Today as I was journaling I thanked God for a weekend which didn’t have all the structure and plans of the week. I was looking forward to relaxing. However, I asked Him what surrender and obedience looked like in this environment? My learning and awakening to this new commitment wouldn’t end just because my “work” wasn’t before me I thought. I instantly was shown where I spend more time on a weekend–at home with my wife. We’ll see what this looks like and is like through the weekend. I’m looking forward to it for God is truly a God of clarity when we finally give Him the permission to be God.

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