The beauty of God’s work was very evident yesterday. In fact, yes, it is God’s working, but in reality it is God’s Spirit at work. I ended the day literally stunned by the many representations of this. The meeting of the morning, the phone call, a couple of unexpected representations of the Spirit working which literally came together yesterday and then ending the night with some healing showing forth at Celebrate Recovery. All in all, it was an amazing day. I stand amazed!

Today I go back to the district to address only with the superintendent our meeting of yesterday. Yesterday I had much to surrender in the way of anxiety regarding the work. Today I go in anticipation of continuing the work The Holy Spirit opened yesterday.

What was so wonderful about yesterday for me personally was an unexpected call. I won’t go further into this except to say that the kindness of The Holy Spirit working was so evident in this. How grateful I am to be serving such a caring, kind God who gives us His Own Spirit to guide, nudge us along the way to see Him.

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