Yesterday I wrote that I’d begun reading through the New Testament and was in Matthew. The scripture was Matthew 5-6 which contains the Beatitudes and the rest of what Christ taught to his disciples including the Lord’s Prayer. Part of His teaching was to be the salt of the earth. Our lives, our words should give salt: flavor & seasoning to others in how they live their own lives.

Last night I had a pointed conversation with a gentleman following our restoration class. He wanted to share some thoughts with me and I was needing to share some with him. This has been a difficult situation all around about him and about his living conditions, behaviors, etc. As I began my scripture reading this morning in Matthew 7, the first three words are: “Do Not Judge….” Good grief, did that ever hit me over the head! The scripture goes on to say that we will be judged in the same way we judge. Our role is never to judge. I have to confess that in the situation with this man and his wife, I’ve had a difficult time not falling prey to judging. I’ve had my own self criticized and judged and I want to turn the tables.

As I got on my knees for my prayer time this morning the first words I saw were “surrender and obedience” which are written at the top of my prayer list. These reminded me that I need to surrender my pride and obey just what God is asking me to do. And yes, I needed to confess this judgmental attitude I had towards this one person. There’s a lot of background attached to this situation which in man’s eyes will keep it ugly. However, if I’m going to be a Light carrier for God, I certainly won’t accomplish it carrying judgment rather than God’s Light. This is something I want to do and my own humanness interferes and of course, Satan wants to have a hay day with it. So, I will keep on surrendering and obeying one day at a time and one moment at a time. Only this way can I be salt and a Light carrier.

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