I had a beautiful opportunity last night to witness Jesus working. A man who had called our church seeking help/counsel was given to me. I had talked to him Monday evening and arranged for us to meet last night which we did. It ended being a 2.5 hour time of his revealing what I’m sure he thought was a ton of garbage which has been keeping him in an inner prison. Some of his background looks a lot like my own. When I shared with him a touch of it one could see a connection building. Just knowing a person understands the isolation, shame, bondage is a first moment of hope.

This gentleman is coming to Celebrate Recovery tonight. It will be his first time to attend a recovery meeting. He wants to find support and he wants to find friendships which can be more than superficial–“ones who know me and still desire to be with me”. That hit big for me when I heard those words. We tend to think that if anyone knows our past they will shun us and have every reason to do so. It has taken me almost a lifetime to realize what a lie this is. The bondage Satan creates seems so real until Christ enters the picture and His healing Light begins to shine into our darkness.

How grateful I am for this Savior of ours!

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