There is something about writing this at the computer when a granddaughter is sleeping in the room. This little three year old is one of grandpa’s favorites and as soon as she sees you she wants to be with you or in your arms. So, somehow I just didn’t get to the computer yesterday morning. The journey needed to pause for a day and night to just be with this little one.

Today has some celebrations and a stressor in it. Friends are getting baptized and then I need to make a phone call which I’m not looking forward to making. Of course I see this task through the lens of conflict but God has let me know I am to follow through with it. So, I will complete it through obedience because this is where His miracles take place even if I don’t see it from this human side.

God is truly working in many individuals of late, I know. There are some caught in their own past mistakes, needing to forgive themselves but not able to do so, yet God is challenging them to see them as the new creation He has made. I know this struggle all too well. Getting support through this time of struggle is something I was given through friends and family. God is wanting me to return the favor now for others and I gladly do so. There is nothing like the confirming sense–I am ok in my Father’s family.

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