Mercy–what do we know about it–what do I know about it? This morning’s devotional time and Bible reading focused much on this. Matthew 9:13, Jesus tells his disciples that He desires mercy rather than sacrificial gifts. Joyce Meyers says she was not a merciful person when she became a christian. She was structured, disciplined and had rigid boundaries. I know this type of living as I was raised in it and I was particularly that way with myself. I tried not to be that way so much with others, but yet I know I was.

Mercy is kindness and it is forgiving. Mercy builds relationships where sacrifices can be done but without a relationship ever forming. These are huge lessons I’ve learned from years of working with recovery. The relationships I’ve built with others are so much deeper and richer than most all of the ones outside of Celebrate Recovery. I’ve learned and have received a much deeper relationship with Jesus too by receiving His mercy.

MERCY is a huge piece in this puzzle of relationship. Jesus wants us to receive His Mercy, apply it to ourselves and then apply it to others he puts in our paths. How great our God is! How much I love being part of His family.

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