“What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.” The words of this old hymn resonate in my heart this morning. Jesus spent three years with His disciples showing them things about God, revealing Himself to them in so many miraculous ways and teaching them what continuously astounded them. This happened for three years. Even in this time He still hadn’t gotten through to them that His leadership was not of human form, but of spiritual form. Yes, His leadership applied to our humanness, but it did so by shifting out of our human thinking to be of His thinking/wisdom.

I marvel at this as I read each day about Christ’s physical time with man. He had to leave man through death and resurrection to awaken them to His true self and meaning. I am no different. I know my need to surrender daily and to obey. Yet I find myself coming up against life’s situations and wanting to “do it my way” forgetting to even ask if this is God’s leading or just pausing long enough to see if there is a nudge I’m missing. I’ve been living a lot longer than 3 years with Christ, but my humanness is still strong within me. Learning to surrender and to be obedient is truly a life-long lesson and I’m far from done.

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