Yesterday I wrote about the humanness of man and how limited we are in understanding what spiritual leadership from Jesus is all about. To follow His leadership we must have a relationship with Him first and the more intimate the relationship, the more insights are provided us about following Jesus.

Today in my bible reading of Matthew 19-21 Jesus is headed to Jerusalem with His followers and His disciples. He pulls the 12 aside to tell them that this is when he will be turned over to the gentiles to be beaten and killed. He will also be resurrected in 3 days. I am stunned by their response to this. The mother of two disciples hears about this and asks Jesus if her sons can sit on His right and left in the kingdom he’s told them about? I read this and thought, “Good grief–what do they not understand about this Leader God has given them? All they are thinking about is their human pride and rewards? Then I am checked by my own misunderstandings about Christ. My humanness continues to stand in my way so often. Yet, Christ has never given up on me just as He never gave up on His followers and disciples. He kept His teaching going until each one saw the Light.

Jesus is just as faithful to day in helping each of us to see His Light, His love, His grace and His mercy. How grateful I am for this Savior and Friend!

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