Has anyone ever told you God is all about relationships? When I was a kid growing up a relationship with God meant having asked Jesus into your heart. From that point forward I thought having a relationship with God and Jesus meant that you were including Him in your lives while you were with other people. It would be what I would talk about and set an example about by my actions. It was all about what I did.

Today I hear so much more about God being interested in my relationship with Him. What I do is to be in total response to my relationship with Him, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit’s nudges within me. I have always been a man who does from knowing what the assignment is and then completing it. It has taken me a lifetime to learn that my ultimate assignment is to know God, His Son and His Holy Spirit through my relationship with THEM. What I am to DO is to remain faithful to them as I step into the world of man each day. I respond to their nudges because of my trust in them and my relationship with them.

All of this is so easy to simply write, but to live this out each day takes a much deeper level of relationship–meaning trust and faith and knowing God’s Spirit’s nudge from my own sense of duty about what is right or wrong. My biggest hurdle use to be “my worthiness” to be in a relationship with God without doing good to be this worthy man. Now that this is straightened out in my heart and mind, I have much to learn about what and who I respond to each day and in the day. All of this would be so much easier if I weren’t human–but I think I’m stuck with this one condition!

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