Yesterday afternoon I was able to meet with my prayer warrior for almost a couple hours. It was such a good time of gleaning her insights on God’s leadership in our lives. She also gave me some materials which she has found helpful in her recent years. I look forward to listening to the CD’s as well as reading a couple of books she offered.

As I start the book of Mark this morning Jesus gets baptized by John the Baptist and he begins to choose his disciples. They quickly leave their present work and begin following him. Having just finished Matthew I know how this eagerness to follow Christ turns into doubt and questions in the forthcoming months. All of this makes me realize how much I am like these men. I have my own ideas of what I think Christ is wanting me to do with a project or an assignment only to realize He wants me in the assignment for His reasons, not my inferred ones. I quickly jump to what I know rather than waiting to find out what He knows.

Being surrendered to Jesus daily and obeying Him means far more about being present to complete what He wants done as He shows it in the day. God doesn’t often revel His purpose ahead of time. He simply wants us present in faith so we can do His bidding in His timing. I’ve got much to learn in this arena.

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