Jesus is Lord of all. I don’t ever want to forget this. When things are going well I want to remember that Jesus is working and what is going well is due to His Work, His timing and our obedience. This sometimes gets lost in the secular work we do. It is easy to see progress and want to take credit for it. But, God is never not present. Yesterday was one of those days when the school district I’m working with most of the week had to report to the State Dept. of Education. There has been a good deal of improvement in their student learning and the SDE was commending them for this. A lot of compliments were passed around, but God’s name was never mentioned. I know there has been a good deal of prayer going up in support of this work from myself as well as staff who are believers. I give thanks to God for His leadership. Without it man looks a lot like competition and not so much like cooperation. God knows our hearts, our intent, and I intend to give Him all the glory for He is truly Lord of ALL.

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