I’m always glad to see the end of January come. February borders spring so I know my favorite time of year is near at hand! Thus far we have had such a mild winter that many days have felt like spring is close by. However, I know winter can show itself anytime. Actually, we’ve had the winter moisture but in the valley it has been much more rain than snow. That I always appreciate.

This has been a very full week with work and ministry but this morning I get to stay home for a few hours. I need to get some things accomplished, but I can do it without a timeline bearing down on me. God has been speaking to me and I get to respond to it with a phone call I hope to complete today. It is one of those calls to strengthen a relationship. My prayer warrior suggested this and today seems to be the right day to complete it. God’s work with us always enlightens the need for a relationship or it strengthens them. Today I hope to strengthen one.

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