Today’s scripture reading was Mark 14. In it Christ is preparing the disciples for his crucifixion. Peter’s response to this has always made me realize how human he was and I am. Even though I wouldn’t be the one who boldly said first, as Peter did, the words that even if all others deny you, I would never do that. I would be right behind him acknowledging that I’m with Peter.

For years I measured man’s response to God’s leading from the lens of my dad’s behaviors. He would say things which were never followed through and I would use him as my measuring stick for obedience to God’s leading in my life. These past couple years of addressing boldly the effects of abuse in my past has taught me to let go of all those old habits. Today, reading Mark 14 I see me and how many times I’ve denied God–Jesus. I see and know I haven’t measured up just as Peter hadn’t. I truly want to surrender these behaviors and have Jesus replace them with the fortitude to follow Him forthrightly into each and every day He gives me. He is worthy to be Praised and Followed!

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