The power of God’s characteristics is boundless. However, as I look back on my life I find that I so often limited this boundless power by my beliefs. I truly think this is one of Satan’s biggest areas of attack (at least it was for me). If we are willing to believe the lies he plants in our minds, God waits for us to see Him as He truly is. This class we do on Tuesday night’s is bringing this truth out into the open. From last year to this year I see so many shackles now removed from the chains for which I had been bound by false beliefs. It has always been easy to believe God’s truths for someone else, but for myself, I couldn’t see them. Now, however, God is taking these lies and replacing them with His glorious Light of Truth. How much I love Him for this!

Freedom to operate in God’s Kingdom is no small thing. The privilege to freely come to God and to be welcomed by Him is so awesome! I love this Father of ours!

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