This morning’s Bible reading had me reading the last chapter of Mark. In it Jesus has arisen and shows himself to Mary, the people on the road in the country and later to the 11 disciples. Towards the end of the chapter He tells the disciples in vs 15 to “Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news to every creature of the human race.” In vs 17 & 18 He tells them , ” these attesting signs will accompany those who believe in My name they will drive out demons; speak in new languages, ….”

Following these scriptures Joyce Meyers writes something which challenges me for this weekend. She says, “I always believed those signs and wonders to be miraculous healings until God began showing me to believe not only for miraculous healings to confirm the Word preached, but also to believe for and expect miraculous breakthroughs and abundant fruit in whatever area I was ministering.” Our quartet is singing tomorrow for a couple of widows we know well who cannot get out any longer on their own. In my mind I wanted to simply give them a blessing tomorrow. However, this morning I sense God nudging to not only give them a blessing of music for their soul, but to also pray over them for the “miraculous healing” they may be praying for which we know nothing about unless we ask.

This message of this morning reminds me that our own neighborhood is part of the world we are to go into taking this blessed Jesus we serve. How much I do love HIM!

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