I am always amazed when God reveals Himself and His work. Yesterday afternoon I received a text from my prayer warrior. She knew I had told her we were starting a new Step Study for men in our Celebrate Recovery ministry but couldn’t recall the starting date of it. She wanted me to know she was praying God’s Word over me and each of the men in the group (sharing several verses she used). What is amazing to me is God’s timing. Today we start lesson one. Last week when we met we talked through the structure of each week’s meeting, the lessons we’d be addressing and closed the time having each one who came tell why God had prompted them to attend. This past week I’ve had two of the attendees let me know how difficult their week had been trying to address the first lesson. I’m always touched how much God cares for us kids. Showing His care by having someone tell you they are specifically praying God’s Word over you brings me to tears.

This prayer warrior is one of the widows our quartet is singing for this afternoon. I pray we will bring a blessing from God for her as well as for the other widow we will be singing for. God is such a tender, loving Father as well as the CREATOR of all things. What an intimate God He is. Someday I will better understand all of this about Him, for today I simply am grateful!

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