HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! It is very nice to be home. The message God gave me yesterday morning about our meeting was exactly what happened. One would never have known there had been so much drama in the previous two days. God’s Holy Spirit had obviously been working on each of the participants. This final meeting was as though the drama had never existed. Also, it didn’t seem fake or a facade. I do believe man’s emotions and pride was getting in the way of what needed to be learned. God did His Work and this morning I am very grateful.

God’s message this morning is driving home one which my prayer warrior gave me a week ago. She gave me a set of CD’s on the topic of Blessings. She said it had been most meaningful to her and she felt it might be worth my while to also listen to them. I had been doing so last week and earlier this week. Yesterday afternoon, with the long drive home, I was able to listen to the last two (there were 6 total). Then this morning’s Bible reading in Luke 6 Jesus is telling the disciples and the crowd with them to not only forgive your enemies but to bless them.

Joyce Meyer’s writes a message regarding this command to bless as well as forgive. It challenges me to bring to God how I bless dad now that I’ve forgiven him several years back? This idea of blessing someone is not a new message but I’ve sure never thought about it in this context. Yet, I firmly know God is wanting me to do something along this line with dad. I don’t have any direction yet, but I’ve asked God to show me what He wants this to be. I do trust my Heavenly Father.

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