Today is the presentation to the district office group for which the past two days have been spent gathering evidence for it. We will finalize details this morning and give the presentation so that we finish by noon time. I’ve not been part of a review where so much drama has taken place for a long time. It isn’t pleasant. God seemed to assure me this morning that today is in His hands and I should not fret for the message is ready to be delivered. So, here we go.

I’m glad that I’m going home this afternoon and that Celebrate Recovery is tonight. This time away doing this work has drained strength and I’m feeling the need to be in an environment of spiritual celebration. Tonight will be a testimony night. I have no idea whose it will be but it doesn’t matter. A testimony always lifts the ones attending and reminds me that no matter the struggle, God is always there and will use our struggle to assist Him in redeeming others when we quit hiding it and let God use it. In fact, in my devotional reading this morning I am reminded that Paul became a true disciple for Jesus when He learned to thank God for His struggle, because with the struggle He finally grew to know and obey this tremendous Savior we serve. I want to do the same.

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