This morning I’m taking a grandson to look at a car to assist him and his family. As I began my journaling I told Jesus I needed Him today to give clear guidance on the choice. I am not very mechanical and I sure don’t want to influence a decision that turns out poor. As I wrote this I immediately felt nudged to remember that it is not only when I’m entering a situation like this that I need Jesus to be in charge. I’ve learned over the years that when I’m entering into a situation where I am fairly well skilled, I even need Jesus more. I tend to rely on my own understanding and lead others there too. Jesus has taught me many times that He needs to be ultimately in charge of all and He wants to be. My bigger responsibility is to model for others how to rely on Jesus, not to rely on me.

The legacy we leave behind when Christ takes us home is what others will remember best. I pray that mine will be that of showing how to lean and rely on Christ’s leadership in life.

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