I am reminded today that in everything–give thanks! My day yesterday turned out to be a blessing in several ways. We were able to get the vehicle at a reasonable price and my grandson loved it. He kept hugging and saying how thankful he is. Once we got home we ate and I took him to my favorite department store thinking all of their winter clothing would be on sale. He ended up finding several pieces of clothing which were 70% off. When we paid we got an additional 20%.

While we were eating lunch I was asked by my grandson why God, when He is God, allows so much cruel, hateful things? If He is really God, why doesn’t He do something about it? It really was a nice conversation and gave us the chance to talk about “choice” and the evil, cruel, hateful things which come out of man having this “gift of choice”. We talked about how we have the choice to choose God rather than being required to serve Him. He seemed to grasp this.

The opportunity to talk with our grandkids about these important topics doesn’t often come. It was brought up right after we had prayed and thanked God for the food we were going to eat and for His wonderful help in finding this vehicle. I use to have such thoughts and God’s power and why He didn’t use it more “wisely”and I shared them. I also shared how God has helped me see the difference between making a decision out of man’s thinking verses God’s Kingdom thinking. I think it was making sense to him.

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