If you have read any of Oswald Chamber’s writings you know what a struggle he had surrendering his life to God, but when he finally did, he was sold out completely. Because of this, much of his writings challenge the reader to be sold out to God. He goes deeply into what that looks like. I read one of these this morning. Then, following this devotional reading I read Luke chapters 21 & 22. This is where Peter denies Christ three times before the rooster crows. What did Peter do, he left, went away from the crowd gathered around Christ as He proclaimed Himself the true Son of God. When Peter got away–he wept.

I have found in my own life so many times when I challenged the nudges I felt Christ wanting me to take. There would be the moments when I would weep, but I would weep because I plead with Christ not to make me tell. I didn’t want to look like my dad or my brother or anyone else who struggled and caved in to the struggle. Thus, I served God much of my life doing things for Christ, but staying too often in control of what I did for Him. I wanted to feel safe in the doing.

Today, realizing that total surrender doesn’t mean partial, it means total. Every nudge Christ gives us is to be obeyed. I have found that in obedience comes the JOY found in the fruits of the Spirit. It is the second characteristic: Love, Joy…. I would have never believed the shame of telling my story was only a lie from Satan. Telling my story brings Joy to my soul. This is Christ’s charge for me. I want to obey Him always.

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