Today we will wrap up the work with the school district and have what is called the exit conference right after lunch so we can then head home. I am so glad this is turning out this way. It will give two days to get things ready for the wedding Saturday along with our leaving the next day for California! I’m looking forward to all of this.

I am stymied this morning knowing what I’m to write at this point. In finishing the book of Luke in my scripture reading, Christ has ascended having risen from the tomb and revealing himself to those the scriptures point out. There is great celebration in all of this. I find myself not wanting to celebrate, but to leave this place so I can get home where celebration will soon be taking place. However, I need to stay focused and do whatever needs to be finished so we leave this step of today’s journey with a celebratory finish. With this said, I need to do my part and so I will. The next celebration will be much better if I do today’s work well and not leave any guilt in it.

Alright. i’m ready!

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