California is a beautiful place this time of year. The hills are covered with wild lilac blooming. We drove to the coast and saw the fields of ranunculus in full bloom. They are beautiful–much like the fields of tulips one finds in Holland or in northern Washington. We had my older sis with us. Yes, she is losing ground but she will likely be with us for some time yet. It is her mind which is slowly slipping away at this point.

The book of John is such a different read this time. Jesus is truly alive and speaking a language the world around Him does not comprehend even though it is their common language. It is the message of the words which are not understood. Jesus is talking with a spiritual intent. John, as the author, by the time he writes his book, has caught this intent and is able to write the book with this in mind. It is amazing how so many of Jesus followers kept their intent for Him front and center as they heard him and translated his message to fit them. How often I have done this today and how I have grown to understand that my intent or translation of Jesus work starts with my own selfishness. It isn’t until I recognize this that I can surrender it and then begin to see Christ’s richer, fuller intent and purpose. This Christ we serve is such a Savior and such a Friend!

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