We are here! Southern California is always a treat for me to visit. I keep telling myself we are only here for a week and I can’t stay. As soon as I arrive my emotions jump to figuring out a way to stay here. Yet, I know as soon as I walk into my yard at home I know I am at the right place and that is where I want to be. The oranges, avocados, lemons and more are ripe and at the fruit stands. I love all of this!

We will go see my older sis today. My sis Bonnie tells me she is losing ground which will be hard to experience but I’m putting that away so we can simply enjoy the time we will have together.

The book of John is alive. I’ve always known that John had an intimate relationship with Jesus unlike any of the other disciples. One can see this in just the way his book is written compared to the other gospels. The first three gospels tell about Jesus’ time on earth. John does the same, but he does it through relationships being built. He brings out the living, loving, compassionate Jesus in spite of all that He endured while on earth to complete His Father’s purpose for His coming.

When I first started reading the bible I found it offensive when John and his brother asked Jesus, from their mother’s prompting, if they could have the seats on either side of him in heaven. I read that and thought they were just filled with too much ego. Behind this ego of John was a loving, longing heart that understood Christ’s purposes and His Heart. John is the one Christ said to care for His mother after his death which John did. I love what John writes about Christ and the relationship he had with Him. I believe Christ wants this with all of us as we better surrender and obey His every nudge in our lives.

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