So many people come to Southern California to do this and that. There is an endless amount of ocean shore for visitors as well as tourist attractions. Everyone we meet wants to know what attractions we’ve taken in thus far? I’m always taken back by the question because my only attraction I came to see are the ones I love who live here. Spending time with them catching up on their lives is the ultimate goal of this time. As each day ends I am ready for bed and my heart is full from the day’s time with different family members. I know not all vacations are meant to be this way, but that is what S. Calif. is for me.

I am challenged of late by the writings of John and both devotionals I’m reading. In each of them the focus is to recognize our sin, dedicate our lives fully to Christ and then go and sin no more. These were Christ’s words to the woman brought to Him by the Jewish leaders in John 8:1-11.

I know there are times when all of us step into unintentional sin–for me it is usually driven by some selfish action and I suppose that would be the case for all of us. Yet, we all have a sin nature with known sin. I do believe this is what Christ is asking us to step away from and “sin no more”. I use to believe I could never do this and that God would hopefully take me home during a moment in time when I wasn’t sinning. However, today I know beyond a shadow of doubt that Christ can and does empower us to step away from sin as Paul tells us in I Corinthians 10:13. For this I am forever grateful! No matter our sin, none is too great for God’s forgiveness and empowerment to leave behind as he told the woman brought to Him.

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