It is Friday already. The week passes so quickly. The time we are having could not be any better. How much I am enjoying it! I had a lengthy talk with my Aunt Billie yesterday morning. She hadn’t been feeling well when we first arrived but she said she is doing fine now. We will spend much of Sunday with her and her family who live in the area. She was so helpful a year ago telling me the truth about my uncle and my false beliefs about him and my father. It was also when we returned from the trip last year that I was doing the chapter in Mending the Soul which hit upon Neglect as a form of abuse. This was where I needed to face the absence of my mom during all the years of abuse from Rich and dad. I was able to face the fact that mom was human and my life has been so much more free knowing mom’s absence of attention during those years was not about my lack of value to her. It was all about mom’s humanness which caused her to freeze during those times. I know this trait as I fight it myself.

The healing love of God never stops working as long as we continue to reach out to Him. I always wanted instant healing like Jesus gave the man in John 9. Instead, God has given healing to me in multiple stages as I have been ready to face each next step. The reality is much different God’s Way. He wanted me to use my past as His Tool. I wanted healing so no one would ever know my past. God is such a tremendously loving Father. I claim Him as mine and what is so beautiful is that He claims me as His and did so long before I knew it.

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