Today is Friday the 13th! I was suppose to already be on my way to one of the schools for which I work. However, yesterday late afternoon I was notified that all of the consulting work overseen by the State Dept. of Ed and Boise State University is to be halted due to the possibility of contracting the virus. Any work is to only be virtual. I had to read the message a couple of times since I was walking out of the house to head to Celebrate Recovery when it came. One part of me fully understands the logic behind the move, but another part says things like–there isn’t even a diagnosed case in Idaho. No matter, I am the one to obey the direction. Today I’ll contact each of the sites and work out a plan that satisfies the expectations.

What seems nice about all of this instant change is that it is nearing spring and I now have plenty of time to get all of my spring wishes done without having to plan each moment of the work. That makes me smile as I write this! I see a lesson coming from this which I will one day better understand. God never puts something in our path that He doesn’t intend to use to grow us. I can see this as an opportunity to trust and obey Him one moment at a time each and every day.

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