Today turns out to be a gift. The district I was to be with cancelled so I get to stay home and take care of chores. I’ve been waiting for some materials to come in the mail so I could complete some tasks and that came last night so I can get this done. It is always nice to be reminded how much God takes care of the details in our lives.

I’ve been trying to put an order to building (growing) my relationship with Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit. If I do this then that will happen, etc. I’ve recently been writing about intimacy with God and obedience to Him. Does one come before the other? Christ has been telling His disciples that if they know Him, they know the Father. Today in chapter 15 of John, Christ tells his disciples how God is pruning away all that does not bear fruit in their lives. In order to bear fruit for our Father we are to dwell with Him and He will dwell in me–verse 4. Out of intimacy–dwelling–comes obedience, trust. As I obey God in my life my intimacy grows and my trust also grows–it’s confirmed. Joyce Meyers says this is the definition of faith.

So much of this started by taking a week away from my work and activities. As I’ve returned I’ve been challenged to step back a moment and check for fruit. Is there evidence of God’s Purposes being accomplished? God doesn’t want me doing what I do for my own selfishness, but for Him and Him alone. I never want to lose sight of this. No longer am I earning a relationship with God by what I do, this much I do believe and know. I desire only to complete God’s purposes each and every day for His Kingdom.

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