Today as I knelt to pray I immediately was hit with the thought that a crisis has brought our entire world to a common need. From one nation to another we cannot agree on anything that man creates. What we can agree on is our need for help when the crisis is bigger than man. God always is intentional in how He creates, allows or uses all things to bring man to Him. I want to join Him in being intentional too. I want to do my part in God’s Kingdom Work.

Today as I read in John, Pilate was asking Jesus if He were a king? Jesus said His Kingdom was not of this world. However, of His Kingdom, He is King. In this Kingdom of Christ Jesus, there is healing, love and compassion. There is no more pain and suffering. I know God is wanting us to see Him in this time of our world’s need. I pray for me to be very specific in how I use this time as a child of our King!

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