Today’s devotion time was once again an orchestration of God’s work. I’m always amazed to find two different devotionals and the scripture reading coinciding as though they were written by the same people with the same intent. I know this is how God works, but it still amazes this old guy when it happens to me.

My scripture reading was the last two chapters of John. In them Jesus meets with Peter and challenges him the three times to feed and tend His sheep. Also, Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit upon His disciples telling them they now have the power to forgive. Joyce Meyers writes a note here saying that she always asks the Holy Spirit to fill her at the moment she is offended by someone’s comment to her which hurts her. She wants to forgive them right then even when her feelings are deeply hurt. I was struck by this because when I ever get my feelings hurt I instantly bury it so hopefully no one knows that was the case. I was forcefully in taught in my childhood that only sissy’s get their feelings hurt. What hit me this morning was that burying hurts disallows oneself to forgive. I can’t forgive what I’m trying to deny exists. I actually went into my prayer time asking The Holy Spirit to fill me and I forgave someone for something which had hurt me for a long time. It was good to have this happen.

This morning I want each reader of this blog to know I’m praying for you. I may not know you or you know me, but God does know you and loves you. If the present world situation has you troubled, trust God and know He is forever in control. I pray for Him to be known in new ways as all of this turmoil unfolds. To God be all Glory!

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