Today is Sunday–the Lord’s Day. I’m going to church to sing in a worship team which will be recorded and streamed. Even a grouping of choir members is coming together–keeping our distance from one another and singing the choir number. I’ll go from there to our step study group of men for their lesson. There are 9 of us so this group meets the criteria and none have any symptoms. I have grown so accustomed to the routine of Sunday that I feel like worshiping God is suppose to have these ingredients in it or God isn’t worshiped. All of this current crisis is bringing me back to how simple life can truly become. God doesn’t need all of the fluff to be glorified. He simply wants a sincere, genuine heart coming to Him.

We are the ones who need the congregation coming together to reinforce one another, praise God collectively and listen to God’s Word to inspire us to live daily for Him. I’m sure God is wanting us to still come together and collectively praise Him. We will simply do this virtually and stay in touch with one another through the means we still have available.

In the book of Acts the disciples are now being tortured by Saul (soon to become Paul). What is standing out to me is the miraculous work and power they have now that The Holy Spirit is upon them and they are totally sold out to His leadership. I am still wondering how this is suppose to look today? I think I have been scared of this Power and I wonder if many of us are simply scared to be the messenger of such Godly Power? I want to open myself to God’s teaching and leading in this arena.

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